Thursday, July 30, 2009

California... California... Here we Come

Josh and I at my grandparent's 50th anniversary party

My birthday week continued with a road trip out to Carlsbad to visit my family. Well actually this was more than a road trip because I was driving to California with all my stuff to move in with my parents in Oakland. My car was PACKED with all my junk (more like my life possessions). Literally we had to roll down the windows and stuff things in because we couldn't open the door. I wish I would have taken a picture of it because it was FULL but we did a pretty good job packing. Actually Josh's dad helped with most of the packing.

So with the car loaded up, Josh and I were off to California. But we couldn't leave Tucson without stopping at the Donut Wheel. I learned that it's a "Coelho Family Tradition" to get donuts before going on a road trip to Cali... and if you don't bad things happen. Josh's mom once didn't eat a donut and she got into an accident.

Back on the road with our donuts we passed the time driving by listening to a mix tape that Josh made me for my birthday. I LOOVE mix tapes, especially ones that other people make because every song is a fun surprise (you never know what song is gonna come on next). Once in Carlsbad we met up with my dad's side of the family for dinner and went to a local Irish pub. In true Sullivan style we drank some Irish beer, listened to some Irish music and danced the night away. It was such a fun night!! I always love hanging out with PopPop (my dad's dad) because he is so fun! He's got the "gift of the gab" as the Irish say and always has lots of stories to tell and advice to give.

3 generations of Sullivans at the Irish Pub
(My Pop and PopPop)

On my actual birthday I got to do what I absolutely love to do.... just lay on the beach, relax, tan and do nothing. It was such a nice change of pace compared to the summer I had, what with 4 summer school classes and all. I love love the beach, but I hate the water. I don't know what it is about it but it just really scares me. I honestly can't remember the last time I've been in the ocean even though I go to the beach every summer. I'd much rather just lay on the beach and watch the people in the water. I don't feel like I'm missing out at all.

Beach Bums! :)

After the beach we went to a pizza place with my entire extended family to hang out and eat pizza and cake. I love when we have family get togethers like this. When we go to this restaurant every summer we literally take up almost the entire back patio. Everyone is always loud and we always end up scaring everyone who was sitting there before away. The Sullivan side of the family is really big and crazy. Honestly if you met them you would never think I was related to all of them.

But, as crazy as they are, there is nothing better than family. It was such a wonderful day and really the entire time in Carlsbad was just perfect. I discovered a new love/ really good workout.... the trampoline. I spent so much time on my Uncle's trampoline and boy was I sore the next day. And the great thing about it is that you don't really feel like you're getting a workout while you do it. Seriously you should try it... its fun and it tones your legs. Perfect exercise if you ask me.

Trampoline (aka the perfect workout)

The last big family event in Carlsbad was my grandparent's 50th anniversary party. We celebrated it at my grandparent's home and there were about 70 or 80 people there. I got to meet a lot of my grandparent's friends and they were all so cute (I pretty much think all older people are cute). One man I talked to actually went to U of A about 60 years ago and he was telling us all about the dorms, the campus, Tucson and how everything has changed. Despite a few changes such as the size of Tucson and the fact that there is no longer a 10 pm curfew for girls, a lot has stayed the same surprisingly. The school even had "Chain Gang" and this man totally knew what I was talking about when I mentioned it.

Off to L.A.
After a tiring but fun weekend with my family Josh and I headed up to LA to hang out with his family for a little. Josh was born in LA and lived there for a few years and he still has a cousin who lives there. We stayed with them and hung out in the Valley for a few days. I think I like Southern California a lot better than LA but maybe that's just because I have family down there and I have so many memories of summers there.

Finally Home
Finally, after almost a week of slowly making our way up to the Bay Area, Josh and I made it up to my house. It felt really weird moving into my parent's house; it was all very surreal. My parents have lived here for 4 years but I have never actually lived here for any amount of time greater than 3 months; I have only come here on school vacations. I'm actually pretty excited to live here. I absolutely LOVE it up here and it'll be nice to spend some time with my parents. Now I just need to find a job.....
Moving all my stuff into my room
(I still can't believe we fit it all in my car)

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