Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Delightful DC

So at this point in our trip my mom and I are super exhausted. We have driven over 1500 miles within one week all over North Carolina! But we still had one more place to go. Back up to DC to visit Josh and to see my dad who was flying in for the weekend. It was so nice to see my dad again. We stayed in an amazing hotel on Pennsylvania Ave with a great view of the Washington Monument! Later we stayed at another hotel with a spectacular view of the Capital. However those views came for a price because Josh and I got BOTH our cars towed! We were cheap and didn't want to pay $40 a night for the hotel parking and decided we were going to park at the meters. However, Josh accidentally parked our cars in the "No Standing/ No Stopping" zone from 7am-9am. But to give him credit, that sign was definitely not on the meter and he did read the meters. I have definitely learned my lesson though.... don't be cheap when it comes to city parking, because a ticket (or in this case a towing) will definitely cost you more. But, I have to say that the tickets didn't damper things because we had such a wonderful time.

This picture makes me so happy. The guys in my life :).

The four of us went to dinner in Georgetown on the Potomac and while we were there we stopped by Georgetown Cupcake which is the home of the new TLC show "DC Cupcakes". There was a ridiculous line of people waiting to get a cupcake that stretched a few blocks up the street. I thought I had taken a picture of the long line, but I guess I didn't. When I saw the line I was thinking that the only thing I'd wait in that long of a line for is a rollercoaster. Josh was thinking the same exact thing (we both LOOOVE our rollercoasters). I'm sure there are a few other things I would wait in a long line for, but I know for sure that one of them is definitely not a cupcake. One of the papers in DC recently rated cupcakes in the area and Georgetown Cupcake was pretty far down the list. A local grocery store was rated as having the best cupcakes. It's pretty amazing what a reality TV show can do to business. It seems like if you want to get rich quick all you need to do is land a reality show. So I'm going to work on that.... if anyone wants in on it let me know :). Haha, but in all honesty I'm not to sure I could be on a reality TV show... I hate watching myself on home videos so I can't imagine having to see myself on a reality show.

Life is great with friends like these

After an amazing time with my parents in DC we met friends to go to church and brunch. Josh is such a little kid at heart and spent brunch playing games on the iPhone with the kids we were with. As a testament to his inner child in classic Josh style he got a sundae for dessert. And as an added bonus... it came with a candle on top! It wasn't Josh's birthday or anything; the candle was courtesy of the waiter who definitely had a crush on Josh. He winked at him a couple times during brunch and told Josh "I got bored and put a candle in just for you" *wink wink*. It was hilarious!!

Embracing his inner kid

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