Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Exploring North Carolina- Part 2

Part 2 of our adventure in North Carolina lands us at Carolina Beach. My mom wanted to see what a North Carolina beach was like so we took a day trip to Carolina Beach. It was a lot different than the Outer Banks when I went earlier this summer. For starters no cars were allowed on the beach and there were a lot more people. It was much closer to the city and a lot less secluded like the beaches in the Outer Banks were. And the water was nice and warm. I actually got in the water... for only about 5 minutes but I did manage to get in. But after my Mom and I got out we had red hives/spots all over our backs. I'm guessing it was from the water but it was the strangest thing ever.

The lifeguards sit on these to lifeguard. So strange and so old fashioned. A LOT different than lifeguard stations in San Diego. I swear the ones there are air conditioned. Probably not, but they are a lot nicer than the ones on Carolina Beach. These are essentially big wooden chairs.

Boardwalk on Carolina Beach

We drove down the coast a little and explored all the other little beaches along the way. The houses along the beach are so cute! So colorful and quaint. Overall Carolina Beach gets my stamp of approval. I definitely plan on going back again sometime.

After our trip to the beach Josh came down to visit my mom and I. We showed her around the campus and around Chapel Hill. Josh knows Chapel Hill pretty well because he's been down to visit quite a few times. I'm so happy that I'm close enough that he can drive down here to escape Quantico for a weekend. I can't imagine that living in the barracks on base is the best.

Josh and I goofing off in the backyard :)

My mom and I's adventures don't end there. There is more to come in part 3 when we head to Asheville and visit the breathtaking Biltmore Estate. It really was gorgeous!

Ciao for now! :)

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