Thursday, December 30, 2010

Snow! Snow! Snow!

Josh and I spent Christmas in the Bay area with my parents. I love spending holidays with family. It's so nice to be able to go to church with them and do all of our traditions and have a nice home-cooked dinner together, etc. From now on I know Josh and I will have to split holidays between our two families. I know my parents will be a little bummed to not be able to have me around for every holiday but I absolutely love Josh's family and I LOVE spending holidays with them so I'm really looking forward to it. This year we did Thanksgiving with them and it was a blast!

Josh with one of his Christmas toys. He honestly was like a little kid with this thing. It was quite amusing and adorable to watch him play with it. I highly recommend getting a very unpractical gift every once in a while. ;). Also let me point out that Josh told me that this flying helicopter was the best gift I have ever given him. And this is coming from the guy who said "Can I return it?" just seconds after I gave him his first Christmas gift a few years ago (and this was after only a month of dating)! Talk about picky.... he's lucky I stayed with him after that. Just kidding... I love him AND his pickiness when it comes to gifts.

My parents' Christmas tree
(Note how close the angel is to the ceiling. Actually it's touching the ceiling! I think I may be getting them a new tree topper because that thing is going to catch on fire from being too close to the ceiling lights or something. It makes me nervous and it looks kind of odd. Sorry mom and pop... I'm just saying.)

Cranberry Orange Bread.... a Sullivan Christmas Tradition.. yum

While we were in the Bay area we went to Lake Tahoe to ski/snowboard twice. We were so lucky that there was so much snow before Christmas. The area got pounded with tons and tons of the glorious white stuff!! In fact, there was so much snow we thought we might not be able to make it. A 4 hour trip took us almost 7 hours! At some parts of the trip I'm pretty sure I could have been running faster than the truck was going.

But we made it safely and had amazing ski days. Tons and tons of powder! I didn't ski everyday because I was just too tired and sore for all that. Going through power is a workout! However, Josh and my dad were troopers. They snowboarded all day everyday. I guess that's a couple of Marines for you... they can tough out the cold and the sore muscles and the blisters.

The two snowboarding machines :) on their last day on the mountain

We had a great time in Tahoe (always do) and I can't wait to get back up there. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... doesn't matter because that place is gorgeous year round!

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