Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Things in the house are starting to come together slowly but surely. The one thing I have been wanting to get since I moved in has been patio furniture. We have this great patio that overlooks the golf course and I have been wanting to be able to sit out there and read or have a cup of coffee. I spent what seemed like hours looking at patio furniture online and shopping at furniture stores. And I probably sent Josh a million emails of the stuff I liked to get his opinion. We finally decided on a set we wanted and I ordered it.

We ordered it online and thankfully, it was shipped and dropped off in front of our door. For anyone who has been to our house you know how many stairs we have and what a pain in the butt it is to take things down those stairs; so to have the furniture dropped off in front of our door was just wonderful! However, the ginormous boxes the furniture came in were stacked on top of each other blocking my door. I may be small, but I am pretty mighty and I was able to move the boxes and get into the house.

Boxes blocking the door

I'm not the handiest. Lets be real, on the last project Josh and I did when we put together the dining room chairs I was the one to hold the directions and make sure he was doing it right. But after this little project I must say that my handiness level just went up a notch. After a few hours of fiddling around and trying to figure out the difference between Screw G and Screw M, I finally was able to put together one chair. Yes, one chair after two hours!! Well maybe it was only a little over an hour but still that is ridiculous. The reason it took me so long was because they labeled the parts wrong and I put one of the rails on upside down and the entire chair almost fell apart when I sat in it. So I had to take it all apart and start over .

First chair DONE!

After the first chair the rest were easy peasy. Not gonna lie, I felt pretty cool putting together those chairs! And now when I look at them I think "Wow, I put those together"; I impressed myself. The firepit didn't come with the set and we actually got that from my grandparents. I've only had one fire out there (yes I built it myself) and it was so relaxing to just sit by the fire while enjoying the cool Southern California evening. I'm really looking forward to more evenings around the firepit!

Next house project: curtains


  1. Good Job Sasha! The patio looks great. Can't wait to see it in person.

  2. haha sash i love the story of you putting the patio furniture together haha. i just put together a desk and put it together completely wrong the first time and it was a disaster! haha i can totally relate! but the furniture is wonderful!!