Saturday, September 22, 2012

First Care Package

Today I sent Josh his first care package (well 2 to be exact).  My goal is to send Josh a care package every month.  I'm not sure how often they'll get mail on the ship, but I'm hoping it won't take longer than a month to get to them.

I already have ideas of what to send him for his Halloween, Christmas, birthday and Valentine's day care packages.  I guess this is what happens when your husband leaves; you start investing time into thinking what you can send them next :).  I have a feeling I'm going to be THAT mom.  The mom who sends her kid a ton of care packages when he/she goes away for college for the first time.  My poor future kids ;)

First care package!  I got carried away and decorated it :)
The art of the "care package" is a tricky art to master.  You have to make sure that nothing will go bad (no freshly baked cakes or goodies) and that nothing will melt (nothing worse then sending a bunch of goodies and having them arrive covered in chocolate) and you have to make the best use of your flat rate box (I made sure to pack every little space with something).

 The first care package didn't really have a theme.  It was pretty much packed with requests from Josh.  Josh sent me an email asking for some carpets (to make their room a little more cozy) and the "mini squegee" he ordered online before he left.  Actually he more like pleaded for the stuff because their room is "a mess" and he desperately needs something to clean it all up.  I can put my money that with Josh in the room, that room will be the cleanest one on the ship by far!

Contents of the boxes:
More carpet runners
Mini squeegee, a mini broom & dust pan
Some bandaids & heat pads
More candy (he left with a bunch, but he has the world's biggest sweet tooth)
Letters/cards from home
Crossword puzzles, games & silly putty (in case he gets super bored)
Photo book I made on Shutterfly documenting our 1st year of marriage
Envelopes (to write home)

Stay tuned for more care packages to come.  I kind of think that I might enjoy putting together the care packages a little more than Josh does receiving them.  Keeps me occupied and it makes me feel good to be able to send him goodies from home.

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