Friday, April 12, 2013

Out with the old and in with the new

Today felt like Christmas morning.  And you want to know why?  We got new patio doors installed!! I have been wanting new patio doors since we moved in.  The old doors were original and we are talking probably from the 1970s.  They barely slid open; I literally felt like I was getting a workout when I opened those doors.  Plus, they were so thin they let in cold air during the winter and warm air during the summer.  If you've been to our house you know how big the doors are.  They literally take up an entire side of our place so they affect the temperature inside the house greatly. 

So long old patio doors, I won't be missing you
After looking around for a year and getting different quotes we finally pulled the trigger.  All 4 patio doors got installed today.  It was an interesting, exciting, and at times a little scary project.  The part that made me the most nervous was when they had to hoist the patio doors to the second level.  Originally they were going to drop in the doors from our neighbor's patio (who is on the 3rd story) but they decided it would be easier to lift these VERY heavy doors by themselves to the second story.  Mind you the only thing they had to get to the second level was a single ladder.  I took a short video of them lifting the door into place.  I seriously thought they would drop it and it would come crashing down.
Hoisting the doors to the second level
Below is the video of them actually lifting up the patio doors and installing them into the 2nd level.  The guy on the bottom of the screen is standing on a small ladder.  This almost gave me a heart attack watching this; I just kept hoping they wouldn't drop it.

But all the doors went in smoothly; no glitches along the way.  I'm happy to report that the doors are just as glorious as I thought they would be.  Once they were in I couldn't stop opening and closing them; it was so effortless.  I can't wait to use them this summer.  Its perfect timing. 

Now onto the next project in the house, whatever that may be.

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