Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Carmel-by-the-Sea is where I want to be

Before Josh left we decided to take a day trip down the coast to Santa Cruz, Monterey and Carmel. I've always wanted to go and I've heard its absolutely beautiful there.

First stop was the boardwalk at Santa Cruz. The atmosphere was just so fun and charming. I kinda felt like I was at an old fashioned carnival. There were carnival games, kettle corn, lots of different rides and it was all within feet of the beach. Josh and I absolutely LOOOOVE roller coasters (someday I'd like to go to Ohio where they have a ton of roller coaster parks), so it only made sense that we went on the wooden roller coaster there called the Giant Dipper. The roller coaster is the 6th oldest roller coaster in the world and it first opened in 1924. Back then it only cost 15 cents to ride and now it's $4.50. While waiting in line we looked at old pictures and it was so funny to see women riding it in full length dresses, I can't imagine.

The roller coaster was so much fun. I kept my hands up the entire time even though I was falling out of my seat the entire time. I guess I'm too petite for those bars because they never hit my legs and keep me secure. Everytime we would go up of down I would fly up and down out of my seat, but that was quite alright with me because it made for an even more exciting ride :).

Like a little kid in a candy shop, Josh loved the boardwalk!

We walked on the beach at Santa Cruz for a little while and went out to a rock that jutted out into the ocean. To get there we had to climb on this huge rock and at some points it was actually kind of scary because one wrong step and you'd fall into the ocean. But with Josh's help (thank goodness) I made it the point and it was so gorgeous!

Enjoying the view @ Santa Cruz

Next stop was BEAUTIFUL Carmel! Wait, let me emphasize again just how beautiful it was, it was absolutely SPECTACULAR!!! The pictures that I took below really don't do it justice. I think what made it so beautiful was that there were gorgeous multimillion dollar houses on cliffs overlooking the beach and the ocean. Someday, I would LOVE to have a beach home in Carmel (haha.. now that's a dream!). The houses are all at least 3 or 4 million dollars, but they are all so pretty and they all have such marvelous views. Josh and I picked up some for sale home fliers for curiosity sake and geez louise are they pricey!

One of the ridiculous homes in Carmel
(This house was literally built on a big boulder in the ocean)

So after driving around and admiring all the beautiful homes we went to the beach to relax and eat our picnic lunch. The beaches have this really soft white sand and for being a summer day it really wasn't that crowded at all which really surprised me. What also surprised me was that dogs are allowed on the beach (I don't think I've ever been to a beach where there are dogs allowed). Seriously someday I would love to live here or vacation here or something because it is so cute!! The whole town has this charming, quaint quality about it which I love. And it has such a great name too.. Carmel. Just say it out loud, it sounds so wonderful just saying it.

Beautiful Beach in Carmel

Ahh... Carmel

After our trip down the coast, Josh and my dad and I went to a San Francisco Giants game. I'm not the biggest fan of baseball, but I'm learning to like it because Josh is definitely a baseball guy. Don't get me wrong I love the atmosphere. It's such a great place to people watch, which is what I end up doing. But, eventually I want to understand the game so that I'll be more into it. And plus it is so American :). There's something to add to my to do list: 1. Learn baseball.

Of all the stadiums I've been too (which I think is only 3 so this is not saying much) this is my favorite. It sits right on the bay and it's so open and airy, especially when you get that bay breeze. And apparently it is one of the healthiest baseball stadiums because they serve sushi and fresh salads. Then again they also serve Garlic fries (yum!) and bread bowls (double yum!).

At&t Park

My pops and I by the Bay Bridge

It's been a great 2 weeks of adventures with Josh!! I had so so much fun, but unfortunately he had to go back to Tucson to work and I have to get back to applying to nursing school. But, he'll be back in Sept to help move his brother up to school in Santa Clara. So perhaps there will be more adventures in the future :)

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