Thursday, September 24, 2009

Best Buddies and bikes

A couple weekends ago I had the opportunity to participate in an amazing cycling race to raise money for an even more amazing cause. The Best Buddies Challenge is an annual cycling race down the Pacific Coast highway. The race raises money for Best Buddies which is an organization that aids people with learning and development disabilities by providing them with jobs and life long friendships. It was started by Maria Schriver and her brother Anthony Schriver so all of Governor Schwarzenegger's kids were all there. The big ride is a 100 mile race that goes along the coast from Carmel to Hearst Castle and the views are just absolutely breathtaking the entire way. However, the ride is tough; it's long and there are a lot of steep hills.

Just a couple of the gorgeous views we had while biking up the coast

My dad has been riding in this race for the past 6 years (ever since the race first began) and it's something he looks forward to all year. So to finally get to participate in it was exciting because I know how much fun he has every year. Josh came to visit (one last time before he leaves to become a Marine) so he got to ride too. Early early on Saturday morning we dropped my dad off at the 100 mile start and then we drove down the coast to the start of the 15 mile bike race. Of course we had to stop and take some pictures of the gorgeous coastline. It was a windy road but so worth it!!! Someday I would LOOOVE to live somewhere where I have a view of the ocean because not only is it so pretty, but it is so relaxing. I would looove to fall asleep to the sound of waves crashing on the shore, I can't think of anything more peaceful than that.

Stopping to Admire the Bridge

Along our drive down the coast I had this urge to bike further than 15 miles so I asked my mom to pull over and drop Josh and I off at the 35 mile race start. There is a 100 mile, 62 mile, 35 mile and 15 mile bike race. Originally Josh and I had planned to only do the 15 mile with my mom because we had terribly heavy mountain bikes (not anything like the nice lightweight cycling bikes) and because I had not trained at all and 35 miles up steep hills is not exactly what you should be doing without any training. But I just a sudden burst of energy and motivation and wanted to do 35 miles.

So Josh and I started our trek down the coast. However, don't be fooled by the word "down". This does NOT in any way mean that it was downhill. Pretty much it was uphill MOST of the way. On top of that there was lots of fog and it was pretty cold. I don't do well with cold so I actually enjoyed the uphills because it gave me a chance to warm up. We made it (well it was no surprise that Josh did, so I should really say that I made it). The entire time I was in deep concentration mode whereas Josh just wanted to chit chat and sing and have a good time. The only thing I was thinking at the time was "I'm the little engine that could, just keep chuggin along Sasha"

Before our ride (top) and after... (bottom). I think I'm about to fall asleep on Josh's shoulder in this pic

The family in matching Clearwire (my dad's company) jerseys
Above is the website where you can view the route of the race. This is the 100 mile route, so just look at the last 35 miles to see what Josh and I did. Of course the part we did is where the most intense hills are. I think we did the math and Josh and I easily burned at least 1000 calories each!!! What an awesome workout!! And I felt such a sense of accomplishment afterward.

Since the ride I've decided that I'm going to train and start cycling regularly. I have my own cycling bike, but I just need to put it together and get new tires for it. My dad is really into it, so we'll be able to cycle together on weekends. My goal is to do the 100 miles next year. I figure that with my stubborn attitude I can definitely make it 100 miles!

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  1. DANG! 35 miles? I bet you felt the BURN for a few days after that! :) Sounds like fun though... those things are hard when you're actually doing them, but they seem like much more fun in retrospect!

    P.S. Thanks for the cute baby gift!