Sunday, May 16, 2010

Living for the Weekends

Climbing the ropes across the creek behind my house (even I did it!)

Well I made it through my first semester of Nursing School! Thank goodness! 7 classes was brutal. I thought the worst was over, but it looks like this summer is going to be just as busy if not more busy. But the bright side of it is that it's only 10 weeks long, so it'll fly by. I have my first clinicals in the hospital this semester, one in cardio and the other in child pysch. Clinicals are a lot harder and a lot more work than I thought they were going to be. It's a little scary being in the hospital and doing stuff while at the same time feeling like I have no idea what I'm doing.Because this summer is going to be super super busy I am living for the weekends. I'm taking it week by week. Josh just started TBS and luckily he'll get weekends off so I've been able to go up to Virginia to visit and he's been able to come down here.

This weekend we went to the State Farmer's Market to explore and shop around. We had breakfast at the restaurant near the Market. I had a true Southern breakfast, which included grits (the first time I've ever had them) and a big yummy biscuit! It was all so delicious! Josh swore he wasn't going to like the biscuit and only wanted a bagel, but he ended up loving it! Slowly but surely we are learning the Southern ways. After breakfast we went shopping in the farmer's market and bought some strawberries and other fruits and veggies. There were tons and tons of strawberries. From what I understand, there are a lot of strawberry farms you can go to to pick your own strawberries.
State Farmer's Market (mmm... strawberries!)

I made Josh some dinner and we enjoyed it out on my porch. There is honestly nothing more relaxing than sitting on that porch. I need to get a hammock though and then it will really be heaven. On the menu was salmon, asparagus and quinoa. Even though I am the messiest cook ever, I really love cooking. It's actually really relaxing and sometimes I like to bake some cookies just for fun. But I think Josh would agree that if you saw me in action cooking you would have no idea how it could possibly be relaxing for me because I usually end up burning something or dropping something. But making a mess is part of the process; if everything ended up perfect every time it wouldn't be as fun.

Summer Dinners

Ok, this is just one of the many weekends of fun. I'm a little behind, but they'll be more posts about my weekends. So stay tuned... :)

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  1. sounds like you are both doing great! Love the is beautiful there (well, at least now that winter is over)
    Keep in touch.