Sunday, June 20, 2010

Durham Bulls (not Bowls) and DC

Bull Durham!

So I'm not the biggest baseball fan. I just don't have the patience to wait for good plays. But I'm starting to get more into it thanks to Josh. And it IS a great place to people watch, to socialize and enjoy wonderful summer sunny weather. So I really do enjoy baseball games.

When Josh was out here last we decided to go to a Durham Bulls game. Ok so I have to admit that I thought it was "The Durham Bowls" (like that was the name of the tournament or something). I didn't realize it was the Durham BULLS and that was the team's name until we got there and I saw the Bull mascot. That just goes to show you how much I know about baseball. But I blame everyone's Southern accent for the reason I thought it was BOWLS and not BULLS. Apparently there is a movie about the Durham Bulls called "Bull Durham" with Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon. Again, not the biggest baseball fan. Speaking of the BULL.... there is this big Bull in the outfield and it actually got hit by a player which was really neat. The bull has steam coming out his nose and his tail moves up and down. I wish I would have gotten a picture of it, but Josh and I were literally standing right under the Bull when it happened.

Ok, so let me explain this next picture. Josh and I recently went up to D.C. and while we were there we were both so exhausted. I needed something more than my usual coffee boost and I have always wanted to try one of those 5 hour energy things but I've always been too scared because they literally come with their own warning label. So Josh and I decided to share one (I know we are wimps). I'm not too sure if it worked or not, but I think I did feel a little bit more energized. But maybe that's just a placebo effect or something... who knows. Maybe next time I'll be brave and try the whole bottle myself and see what happens. :)

Maybe Josh and I were so exhausted because it was SO HUMID! It's tiring walking around in a swamp. Oy vey... I'd take hot 112 dry Arizona heat any day instead. And the bugs here are just YUCK! I'm not kidding I have over 15 bug bites on just one of my legs. I think that just means I'm just sweet right? My veins must be just made of honey... or it just mean I need to invest in some bug spray.

Dinner on the Potomac

But despite the weather and bugs, you really can't have a bad day in DC. Josh and I went to the Holocaust museum. Josh has never been there and he's always wanted to. The museum is done really well, but it's a lot of info to take in all at once... and a lot of really tough stuff to process too. If you've never been I highly recommend it. After the museum Josh and I went to Georgetown (my favorite) and went to dinner on the Potomac. So beautiful and so fun!


After dinner we decided to take a stroll around D.C. While we were out and about, we stopped by to take a look at our future home (aka The White House) :).
Josh and I's future home

While in D.C. we also stopped by Georgetown University campus. I felt like I had stepped into a Harry Potter movie and I was at Hogwarts. The only thing missing was stormy weather and owls. The buildings are so old and gothic looking. From afar it looks like a huge castle and it sits right on the Potomac. It's so cool!
Georgetown (but more like Hogwarts if you ask me)

Another D.C. trip was a success! Can't wait to go back there. Stay tuned, because next post will be a beach post... yippee!!

And P.S. there's only about 4 more weeks of summer semester left which means I'm half way through nursing school. And then I get a month break!! It's about time because school has been going non-stop since January.

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