Monday, September 6, 2010

Back to AZ

Before I went back to AZ to visit, Steph and I had a few more places to see in Chapel Hill. We marched around campus and then went shopping down Franklin Street. For those of you from U of A, Franklin Street is pretty much like University but ten times better (yeah hate to say but it is). It's a lot bigger, and a bunch of sorority and fraternity houses are at the end of the street (like I wish it was on University).

The Old Wall

We made at pit stop at the famous Chapel Hill Old Well and took a water break. Legend has it that if you take a drink from the fountain on the first day of classes you will have good luck the rest of the year. Apparently there are always long lines to take a drink out of it on the first day of classes. I'm not sure if this is true... I'll have to wait till Spring semester to find out.

Tree Hugger! haha

I'm not too sure what motivated us to take the pictures below. But I'm pretty sure it was seeing those super sweet sunglasses that had something to do with it. I'm all about cheap, fun and big sunglasses. There's just something about sunglasses in general that when you put them on you feel different, like an alter ego; for me it's like I'm "Sasha Fierce". I used to have these aviator sunglasses and I remember I used to feel so cool whenever I wore them; the minute I put them on I felt like I was at the beach.

Last but not least, before Steph left we decided to embrace our domesticity and cook. And of course we had a bit of a photo session during it all. Note the adorable apron Steph got me. I'm all about the aprons when I cook! Not only are they practical and save my clothes (because I make such a mess), but they are so cute and make me feel like a little housewife. We made stuffed peppers. It's one of my top ten favorite things to make; very easy and super delicious. Now that I think about it I'm not sure if I have ten favorite things that I like to make or that I'm even good at making... maybe more like top 5. Oh and Stephanie told me that we had to have Stella Rosa to drink and boy was she right. It was so delicious!! It's a sparkling red wine, and basically tasted like an alcoholic version of Martinelli's... yum.

Stuffed Peppers and Stella Rosa

Steph and I flew back to AZ where I visited for almost a week! I was so excited to be able to go down to see friends and family; it was the best! I stayed with Chelsea Jo and Megan in their brand new home. Talk about being grown up, these girls live in an actual home in an real nice neighborhood. Their house is huge; they even have their own pool! And the view of the mountains from their home is so beautiful! I'm quite jealous that they can wake up and see this every morning.

View from their house

I got to meet Chelsea's dog, Marcel, who was such a sweet dog. He is definitely the man of the house. He get's all defensive and barks like no other whenever a guy comes over. He's gotta protect his women! And check our his cute U of A hankerchief... such a stylin' guy!

Mr. Marcel, the man of the house ;) or at least he thinks he is..

Kebab night! Look at all those colors.

Also while I was in AZ I stayed with Josh's parents. It was so nice to see them!! I miss them and I can't wait to see them in San Francisco for the Marine Corps Birthday Ball. I also got to see Josh's brother and sister, Blake and Paige, and his nieces. I had so much fun with them! One night Blake and his little nieces and I all had a sleepover and watched "The Princess and the Frog". I only wish I lived closer so I could see them more often because those girls are the most adorable little girls ever.

Margaritas at Blanco

Chelsea came down from Phoenix one day to visit, get lunch and go shopping. What a great time we had! First of all, we went to Blancos which is probably my favorite restaurant in Tucson, so you can't go wrong from there. Had some Margaritas, caught up on life and went shopping... my idea of a perfect day.

Seeing all my friends definitely made me miss them all more than I already do. I think in college I definitely took advantage of being able to see them everyday, especially since we all lived next door to each other. And then when you graduate from college, everyone goes their own way and things change. But even though we may not see each other as often, we always pick up right where we left off. I love every moment I do get to spend with them. I had the best time with Steph when she came out here and it was so so great to be back in AZ to see friends and visit Chi O. Can't wait till I can see them all again!

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