Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Amtracker Marine... and a guest blogger!

After months of waiting and months of Josh busting his but at TBS (The Basic School) we finally know what Josh will be doing in the Marine Corps and where we'll be stationed. YAY! But instead of me trying to explain it all I'm going to let the man himself tell you all about it. And some of this may be over your head (because it still kind of is when he talks about it to me).

Take it away Lieutenant Coelho...

Well... I finally figured out what I'll be doing in the Marine Corps, and where I'll be doing it. In a few days, I will head out to beautiful Southern California at Camp Pendleton to begin my career in the Amphibious Assault Vehicle (AAV) Community. An AAV is an armored vehicle that launches from the back of a Navy ship and then assaults a beach and ashore with the infantry in combat operations. Check out this cool picture to get an idea of what exactly I'll be doing....

My new office! (I'll be the guy in the top left)

So essentially, this is tank that can drive in water and on land! I will be a platoon commander in charge of 12 Vehicles, 40 Marines and millions of dollars of property. Pretty cool for a 24-year-old kid from Arizona! I graduate from The Basic School on Thursday, November 4th and will check into my unit in mid-November and start school in early January. Come April, I'll take command of my platoon and start living the dream!

Anyways, I'm pretty excited for Sasha and I to get out to Camp Pendleton and start our lives together. We are both ready to get back to the West Coast and San Diego couldn't be a better place for us to begin our lives together!

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