Saturday, February 5, 2011

House Hunters, we chose House #1

I am obsessed with the show "House Hunters" on HGTV. I watch it all the time and I'll admit I've spent a day or two on the couch watching House Hunters marathons. For those of you who haven't seen the show I'll explain the basic premise. A couple or person is looking for a new home. They go see 3 different homes, they weigh the pros and cons of each and eventually decide on their favorite one to buy. It's always fun to try to guess which house their choose "Its going to be House #1 for sure" "No, but House #3 was a waaay better deal". I know it sounds dorky but this show actually gets addicting.

And thank goodness Josh and I have watched so many episodes of the show. It actually helped us feel a little prepared for the big adventure we were about to take... buying a house. It at least made me familiar with the lingo of buying a house and the process.

Josh and I were so excited to buy a home!! It was the right time in the market to buy and Carlsbad is definitely a place we could see ourselves living for a while. I have family out there and Josh has some family in LA and plus, it's Southern California, what's not to love. And if/when we have to move in the future we can always rent it out.

Our "house hunting" adventure began in December. Josh started going out on weekends with the realtor and I would look online at the homes. While looking online I found one on the La Costa golf course and it looked so cute. Josh took a look at it in person and loved it! When I flew out for winter break I looked at it with my parents and Josh's parents eventually came out too to check it out. Everyone had seen it and loved it so just before Christmas we made an offer. We went back and forth with the seller with offers and counter offers and eventually we just backed out. Then we thought about it some more, we both kept dreaming about the home and decided to try for Round 2. After more offers and counter offers AGAIN, we were going nowhere and the seller wouldn't budge so we backed out again. Josh and I decided that that was our final try and we were moving on. However, I don't think Josh has the same idea of what moving on means because he just kept talking about the place. And in my head I kept thinking about it too ;)

The house eventually went off the market and we tried to move on. However, a few weeks later the house came back on the market and was listed at a lower price and with a different seller. We jumped at the opportunity and made a 3rd offer! Yes that's right we were trying again. We figured that the 3rd time would be the charm. And it was!!! After a few ups and downs and some bumps in the road we finally got the house!! It was definitely a rollercoaster ride to get this house but it was worth it! Now when I move out there in May I'll have a home to move into and when Josh gets back from deployment and after we get married we'll have a home together.

We are hoping to close on the house by the end of this month. So if all goes as planned when I go out there for Spring Break I'll help Josh to move in and we can go pick out some furniture. We LITERALLY have none. Thankfully his parents and my parents are donating some of their older stuff!

Patio looking onto the golf course (above) and our view of the fairway (below)

The pictures I have scattered throughout are of the new home. It's a 2 bedroom 2.5 bath condo that sits literally right on the golf course. Its 2 stories, has a nice open kitchen and living room with updated appliances and countertops. I LOOOVE the place! Josh can't wait to move in. He's already made a "Honey Do" list for himself with things to fix up/do in the house. I think he's going to really love being a home owner. We both are so excited and we feel so blessed right now! I can't wait to decorate and make it our home. And if you are ever in Southern California near Carlsbad you now have a place to stay and are definitely welcome to come visit!!


  1. I am very happy for you both and know that you will be very happy there. I can't wait to help get you guys moved in.

  2. sashie. i LOVE the new place!!! it so gorgeous and what a view!!! can't wait to visit! phx-carlsbad is soooo do-able!!!