Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thankful for Technology

Email, cell phones, facebook, Skype, blogs. I am thankful for them all! Yes, they do have their downsides and I could make a good argument or two for why they are so awful sometimes. HOWEVER, they have been my saving grace lately. I haven't seen Josh since New Year's and if I didn't have the ability to talk to him, email him and Skype with him I think I might be a crazy person right now.

I have NO idea how people did it back in the "snail mail" days. I really don't think "long-distance relationships" were possible back then. I think if you moved away, you broke up. OR... you wrote letters back and forth and hoped that the other person didn't find somebody else. Don't get me wrong, I think handwritten letters are SOOO romantic!! When Josh was at OCS and we could only write back and forth it was so exciting to see his letter on my doorstep and read it. And now I have all those letters to look back on. BUT, there is nothing like hearing the other person's voice or seeing them on Skype.

Skypin' it up!

Josh and I are getting good at this whole long-distance thing. A little too good.... Yesterday we had a "long-distance shopping date" to look for stuff for the house. This meant that Josh and I went to Sears at the same exact time and called each other and chatted while we shopped together for a mattress and appliances for the new house. The people who worked there got a kick out of it. And then there are the long-distance movie dates. The "tv-show dates" get a little tricky with the time change.

But I guess we're gonna have to get good and master this whole long-distance thing. Right now Josh and I are 2,548 miles apart which is about a 38 hour car ride (I mapquested it). But when I go out to Cali and Josh goes to Japan we'll be even further apart. Apparently it's 5,478 miles from LA to Tokyo, Japan.

Just one of the many little surprises Josh sends me in the mail!

But I'm not worried because thankfully we have technology!! Seriously it is a life saver. So thank you inventors the email, cell phones and Skype... you have really made my life a much happier place! :)

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  1. I'd say you have already mastered the whole long distance thing!

    And, I think you should come visit while Josh is in Japan!! I'd come visit you, but I'll probably be about to pop... ;-) If not, we're in California often enough-- I think you guys are only an hour and half (ish) away from my in-laws house... woo hoo!