Monday, April 25, 2011


This weekend I flew to Nashville to visit the lovely and amazing Miss Anna Fahy. She is going to medical school out there at Vanderbilt. She's almost done with her second year (whoop whoop!), so it was about time that I went out to visit and see her life out there. First of all I have to say that Anna lives in such an amazing city. There is so much going on and it is such a fun city! Plus there are occasional celeb sightings (Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman, Carrie Underwood, the list goes on and on). However, I'm sad to report that I didn't see anybody while I was there. Not only does she live in a pretty cool city but she also lives in the most adorable cute pink house with the most adorable room; it is just perfect! There's a fireplace, a porch, wood floors. I loved it all!

Such a cute living room (and every room in their house is just as cute!)

What an exhausting but absolutely fabulous vacation I had! Anna had one request when I came out to visit: that we dance! And boy did we dance! We went out on Thursday night with a bunch of her medical school friends and we danced the night away (literally). I think we stayed out till almost 4 am! It felt like we were in undergrad again and it was so so so much fun. However, I did pay for all that fun because I woke up sore in every single part of my body!

After an exhausting night of dancing, dancing and more dancing!

The next morning we went to the most fun breakfast place called "The Pfunky Griddle". This place has pancake griddles which are literally in the middle of your table. You get unlimited pancake batter, you choose your toppings and then you get to cook your pancakes on your griddle. Now this is MY kind of place! When I told my dad about this place he said it sounded like a Benihana but without the Asian chefs to make your food. Haha! My response was "Sure, if that's how you want to think of it", but it really wasn't like that at all. I think it was more awesome than that. Omg and they have the best potatoes ever! So if you are ever in Nashville you have to go to this place!

Cooking up some pancakes. I'm a happy girl! Side note: This was probably the only good pancake I made. I am the world's WORST pancake flipper.

PANCAKES!! Anna is a happy girl too! Side note: Anna is a WAAY better flipper than me!

Next on our agenda was visiting the hospital and the medical school where Anna spends a lot of her time. Definitely a lot nicer than my nursing school. The chairs swivel AND they have plugs for their computers. We walked into one study room in the med school and my jaw literally dropped. Not because of swivel chairs or anything like that but because of what was written on the whiteboards. The whiteboards went around the entire room and they were covered from top to bottom with study material. Anna had just had a test and she said that one study group wrote out everything they had to know all around the room. It was overwhelming and my heart started beating faster just looking at it. Geez!

The study room that gave me heart palpitations!

One of the most important parts of my trip was getting to meet Scott, Anna's boyfriend (of almost 2 years!). He and Anna met in med school (they are in the same med school class) and I must say that he is pretty awesome. For starters, he wants to get a cat (he scored brownie points with me because of that) AND he's really down to earth and funny and just overall a nice guy. So Scott if you are reading this you are pretty ok in my book :).

Scott's impression of sorority girl poses. Haha! But I must say, not too bad Scott, not too bad.

This picture makes me so happy. Look how happy and jolly Scott looks. :)

Anna and I spent some time in Franklin, TN. We went shopping at all the adorable little shops there and toured a civil war battlesite. History is definitely not my strong suit so going on these tours and having someone tell me the story and show me where it all happened really helps me get into it. I really don't know how Josh just loves history, and when it comes to civil war history he is all about it and could talk your ear off about it. But for me, it kind of just goes right over my head.

Pretty much the cutest cat ever!

There is a story behind this lopsided photo. Anna and I wanted to take a pic next to this "bullet wall" while we were at the civil war site. So I asked a random girl to take a picture of us and I don't think she understood English or there was some sort miscommunication because I have never seen such a terrible picture. But, it gave us a good laugh and looking at it makes me smile.

"Photo taken by a random stranger" Take 2. Much better!

After a nice relaxing day in Franklin, Scott, Anna and I went to the Grand Ole Opry. This is place is epic and its kind of a must do while in Nashville. We got to see Jake Owen and Martina McBride; it was so so so much fun!! There were also some bluegrass people who played and some square dancers. It felt so "country" and I loved it! I'm really going to miss hearing country music play in people's cars and in stores and hearing people's Southern accents. It's all really comforting.

Grand Ole Opry!!


I ended my trip with a delicious Easter brunch. I really didn't want to leave because I had such a fun time and it is so so nice to be around Anna. Makes me wish I was back in college again! Now its back to the reality of studying for finals! But on the bright side I'm done with nursing school in just ONE WEEK!

Thanks for such a fun weekend Anna!!! I miss you and I want to come back already!

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