Friday, April 8, 2011


Josh is leaving for Japan on Sunday. I can't believe its already here because I feel like it was just yesterday that he was graduating from OCS. So much has changed and happened in just a year. Josh will be in Okinawa, Japan for 6 months and will return in October. Ironically I was born in Okinawa on Camp Lester because it was my dad's first duty station in the Marine Corps. Now Josh will be able to go there and see what its all about.

Josh's commissioning (above) really seems like it was yesterday

Map of Okinawa

As part of his deployment Josh got 2 weeks of pre-deployment leave. And he came to visit me for the ENTIRE 2 weeks! Let me tell you that it was heaven but it was such a tease! It was so great to be together and I think that was the longest we've spent together in the past year and a half. By the time he gets back from Japan we'll have spent more than half of our relationship apart. I'm more than ready to finally be together indefinitely! :)

While Josh was here I was busy with school but we still had TONS of fun! We cheered for the Wildcats in their amazing win against Duke, had dinner and movie dates and drove up to Virginia to visit our friends. 2 weeks together was definitely not enough and taking him to the airport on his last day here was the worst. I hated saying goodbye knowing that I wouldn't see him till October. I have no idea how military wives do it when their husbands are gone for a year. I really believe that military families are the toughest and the wives have such strength. They go through multiple deployments and with each deployment the spouses are left to manage the house and the kids on their own. Plus, they have to ride the emotional rollercoaster that deployments come with for the next 6-12 months.

So I need to explain the above picture and Josh will probably kill me for putting it up but it really does make me so happy. First of all this is how Josh spent most of his leave time, laying on the couch watching tv and relaxing, which is exactly how he should spend his pre-deployment. But... my couch is the worst couch ever and it is the most uncomfortable thing I have ever sat on. I can barely fit on it and poor Josh definitely did not. Whenever he tried to lay on it his feet hung off the end. Definitely not a comfy couch, but at least it made for a picture that makes me smile.

Bear Down Wildcats!!! Watching the UofA beat Duke was the best gift ever!! Josh and I became pretty popular and very loved on the UNC campus.

Josh has some mad pizza twirling/throwing skills. Check out that height!

So here I am faced with Josh's first deployment. I'm thankful he's going to Japan and only for 6 months, but I still don't really think I'm prepared for it all. I don't know if you can ever feel prepared for a deployment or even how you really prepare for one. I'm so new to all this. All I know is that I'm going to be strong and distract myself with getting a job, wedding planning and house decorating. And Josh and I have so much to look forward to when he gets back... a wedding and married life!!! So blessed! PLUS... I may even be able to visit Josh in Okinawa. How amazing would that be!!

I'll try to keep you updated on here about how he is and hopefully I'll even be able to post some pictures of Japan if Josh can send them to me. And if you would like to send Josh something let me know so I can give you his address. Meanwhile, please keep Josh, his platoon, and their families in your prayers.

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