Thursday, May 12, 2011

Journey to California- Day 4

Day 4 was the shortest leg of the entire trip and thank goodness because we were exhausted! We only had to go from Albuquerque, NM to Scottsdale, AZ so it was only about 6 hours of driving. However, it was still another adventurous day because we almost ran out of gas. We both thought I could make it all the way to Scottsdale without filling up, but my gas meter likes to play tricks on me. It would say 100 miles till empty and then within an instant jump down to 56 miles till empty. I have never actually run out of gas and I know its not a big deal at all. But still, being stuck in the middle of a hot desert with a cat would not be too fun.

Thankfully we made it without running out of gas. Getting to my grandparents and being able to relax and not have to worry about getting on the road again the next day was the best feeling. I definitely think a trip across country should be a definite once in while thing. Why is it that sitting in the car, doing nothing and driving all day exhausts you so much? Deda and I just sat around and did nothing when we got to Arizona because we were just so tired.

I'm so excited to be in AZ! I'll be here for the next few days to visit friends and family. I lived in AZ since I was 10 and went to college in Tucson, so I have a lot of friends who still live there. Honestly I'm so happy I'm going to be living close enough to drive to AZ!! This means lots of trips to go visit there!

With friends in Zona! :) They make me so happy and I miss them so much!!

Funny story about this picture. I was driving in Scottsdale and literally these families of geese just start waddling out in the middle of the road and traffic had to stop. And Papa Goose (or maybe it was Mama Goose) was in the back keeping an eye on everything and making sure all was safe. So adorable!!

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