Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Journey to California- Day 3

Day 3 was a great success!! 11 hours of traveling and 758 miles!! We drove through four different states: Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and ended in New Mexico. It was a LONG day and by the end of the day I was definitely getting cabin fever.

There should be a picture of the Texas sign right here, but apparently not everything is "big" in Texas and it must have been too small because we missed it.

Deda and I passed along the time by listening to some podcasts and doing crosswords. We also recorded a few of our conversations on some audiotapes. I've always wanted to audio or video record my grandparents as they tell me about their lives, how they grew up and how they came to America. So this was my first attempt at that. I'd really like to interview them and videotape them and put it on a DVD so I always have it and I can show it to my kids. But that's for future.

When we got to New Mexico we decided to make a pit stop to visit my old house. I only lived there for a year when I was in 4th grade so I don't remember much. The house didn't seem to have changed much. There were still the rocks lining the driveway that my dad had done and the ginormous rock in front of the house that my dad also did. Seeing the house definitely brought back a lot of memories. Like when my sister and I got locked out of the house as it started to snow. And the time that my sister found a dead lizard in her closet. Oh and I can't forget the time I found a rattlesnake in the backyard coiled up and ready to strike and my dad had to come home from work early to kill it. Apparently I have a lot of dramatic memories of New Mexico. Although I do remember the coolest thing was that we lived really close to a ski area (a 5 min drive) so every Wednesday during the winter, school let out early for ski school! It was pretty much the best thing ever!

My old house

Deda and Tyson (my car) in New Mexico

Definitely glad the marathon day was over. Tomorrow should be an easy day. I'm pretty excited to be going to Arizona and I know Deda is itching to get out of the car for good and to be back home. Poor Beans has had enough too I think. Today he was crawling on the suitcases in the back and they weren't very secure so when we turned a corner he and the suitcase went flying across the car. Luckily Beans landed in his litter box and the suitcase fell next to him and NOT on top of him. Poor lil guy!

Clinging onto dear life with every turn. I really don't know why he insists on sitting like this. It can't be very comfortable.

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