Friday, June 3, 2011

Wedding Planner (my new job title)

Ever since moving to California wedding planning has gone into full swing and I now feel like its my full time job. It's a lot of fun, but phew talk about a lot!! Who knew there was so much that goes into a wedding!

My aunt (who is a very talented seamstress) kindly offered to make my wedding dress, which I was super excited about. I'll have a custom dress made by my aunt... can't get any better than that! So to start the dress making process she and I drove up to LA for the day to get some of the fabric for the dress. What an experience it was! First of all, there are a MILLION different fabric stores with a MILLION different fabrics to choose from. Every shop is run by Middle Eastern people (or at least it seemed) who are all willing to haggle. I really felt like I was in a different country. It was so much fun though and while I was there I learned that I love to haggle ;).

With the MILLIONS of fabric

After searching in all the stores I found a fabric I really liked. Using my new haggling skills I was able to talk the man in the store down in price. When I mentioned that the fabric was for my wedding dress he immediately started to talk me out of getting married. He said "You are cute and too young. I have lots of cousins I can set you up with. Why do you want to get married? You must go out and have fun. Do you love this guy?" And of course I told him how much I loved Josh but he gave me his ultimate test of love just to make sure. He told me there were 2 rooms, one with my mom in it and one with Josh, and I had to choose quickly which room I wanted to go to. And whichever room I choose, I was stuck there and could never see the other person. So naturally I chose Josh's room and Mr. Fabric Store man immediately said "Well, you love him then. Let's cut the fabric, you're getting married!" It was so funny! I'm so glad my aunt took me to LA and I'm even more happy she is making my dress!! In the meantime, I'll be busy busy doing more wedding planning and studying for my nursing boards. :)

Happy happy girl with some fabric. P.S. This is NOT my wedding dress fabric (I would not ruin the surprise by showing it).

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