Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Joys of Home Ownership

Owning a home is such an amazing feeling! But along with the joy comes the responsibility. There is no landlord to call to fix this or a handyman to install that. Right now, until Josh gets back, I am the handy man which is a little sad because I am definitely not the "handiest" of persons but I'm slowly learning. My goal is to be pretty darn handy by the time Josh gets back. I know how to use most of Josh's tools so that's a start, well maybe not most, but the essentials.

Luckily Josh's dad, Mario, was in town for a few days and he was able to help me with the first of the house projects. Project one was replacing the toilets. I'm pretty sure the toilets we had were the original toilets (about 40 years old) and were on the verge of dying. Despite some minor spillage of water, the new toilet was installed. Currently the old toilet is sitting on my patio and since I have no pots, no patio furniture, nothing out there, I actually thought about using it as a planter for 2.2 seconds. Tacky tacky tacky. My neighbors would probably hate me if I actually did that. But the idea of it does make me laugh.

New toilet!

Old toilet (No I did not actually do this, but this is what I had envisioned for a split second. I love how tacky this is!)

There were lots of other little projects that Mario did and God bless him for all the help he was! Now there are a few less items on my "Honey Do List". Now that Mario is gone and since I have no "honey" right now, I've got to get a lot of this done. The next big project will be to install a new garbage disposal. Fun stuff! If it turns out to be an adventure I may just have to blog about it. Here's to spending my weekends at Home Depot!

A BIIIGG thank you to my future father-in-law for all his help :)

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