Friday, July 8, 2011

God Bless America!!

Last weekend I was blessed to celebrate America's birthday with my best friend and MOH (maid of honor) Stephanie! And to make it even better, her sister Sarah and Sarah's boyfriend Tyler came too!! It was so wonderful and just what I needed. Having visitors and guests here makes me so so happy and makes it a lot less quiet and lonely here which is just what the doctor ordered.


Beautiful sisters!

Sarah and Tyler!! What a good lookin' couple! ;)

Side note: I stole those close up photos from Sarah. She has pretty much the coolest camera ever and she takes pretty much the best photos ever.

Here's just a few of the things we did:
1) Shopped till we dropped

2) Danced and dropped it like it was hot (I must say that Tyler can DANCE. Watch out Sarah, he may have a career as a "krumper". That boy can KRUMP!) Oh, and I learned that Steph has a secret talent for two-stepping. A random Marine asked her to dance while we were at the beach and they honestly looked like two professional Country dancers. Everyone was watching as he flipped her and swung her around.

3) Baked. That Flag Cake" was the product of Stephanie and Sasha and I must say that it was a hit at the beach for 4th of July.

4) Snuck out on the golf course. Why you ask? Because we found a golf cart randomly laying on its side in the middle of the green so someone had to rescue it. And yes we did try to start it (no key), but that didn't stop us from riding down hills. And yes Sarah and Tyler pushed it into a lake and yes a crane had to pull it out. Children.. haha.

5) Beached it. And by beach I mean almost 12 hours of soaking up the sun at Camp Pendleton with thousands of Marines. 4th of July on Pendleton is crazy, crowded, rowdy and loud! Just what you might imagine a gathering of Marines might be like. And to give you an idea of how crowded it was: my cousins had to get there at 5am just to stake out a spot on the beach. I'm happy to report though that after all those hours there were no major sunburns (Thank you SPF50). However, Josh's car did overheat and we got stuck on Camp Pendleton for a little bit.

Such fierce competitors. Check out those game faces.. in the zone.

Fireworks on the beach

The whole weekend was exactly what you imagine a typical California summer weekend should be like. Fun, Sun and Friends :) Thank you thank you Steph, Sarah and Tyler for coming to visit!! Come back soon!!

Sunset... the perfect end to a perfect weekend

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  1. I love this! It was a wonderful weekend. And Yes, I know, Tyler has got serious dance moves. Thanks for being a wonderful host Sash!