Monday, August 29, 2011

Almost Saying "Yes to the Dress"

Wedding invitations are done and in the mail!! And most of that I owe to my mother.  She came down and helped me put them all together AND she also did all the calligraphy for them.  I had no idea my mom had a hidden talent for calligraphy.  Apparently she used to do it all the time when she had to write invitations for the General when my dad was in the Marine Corps.  

Our invitation assembly party!
After 3 days straight of invitations and calligraphy, we finally finished!!  Who knew it could be so much work.  My poor mother had tons of cramps in her hand and I was going a little loopy from envelope licking.  I was afraid I was gonna end up like George's fiance on Seinfeld who dies from licking all the envelopes on her wedding invitations!  All that sticky glue is awful for you; I'm lucky I got away with just feeling a little loopy!

Now that invitations are done, a dress is pretty much a priority.  Can't really have a wedding without a dress.  So, this weekend my Aunt came down to take some more measurements and cut out my dress!  My job was to keep Beans off the fabric, which was a very important job might I add.  However, I failed because he managed to fanagle his way right unto the fabric.  Darn cat!

Aunt Natasha working her magic

It feels so great that things are coming along!  I almost have a dress and we're already getting responses for the wedding!  Its all starting to feel real now.  I think once Josh gets back then it will really feel real!  Thankfully this summer has gone by super fast and Josh will be back before I know and then we'll be married!!  According to my countdown its 41 days till Josh gets back and 68 days till we are husband and wife. :)

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  1. Three Cheers!!! To:
    Mom Sullivan and Aunt Natasha.

    Sasha what a blessing to have such great and loving team players helping you to put it all together for your special wedding day. As someone who sews I can see that the fabric looks quite luscious and will have great flow & motion.
    Sending you and all of your lovely team players lots of good vibrations and trusting that all this hard work is creating for many fabulous outcomes.
    Go, Girls, Go... you have a beautiful
    "Bride to Be" and lots of love as a force that is working within all of you.
    Godspeed to the Sullivan women.

    PS: Sasha just for your peace of mind and that of any other future bride to be that might read this: Know that you are all going to live and be well.
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