Sunday, August 21, 2011

Honeymoon Hat

While I was up north I got to spend some time at my parent's house.  Mom and I traveled into the city to visit the Farmer's Market and run some wedding errands.  While we were there Mom tried on this gorgeous big straw hat.  I am obsessed with big straw hats; I love them and I think they look so classy!  Pair them with some big sunglasses and you instantly feel like a movie star! I call these big hats "honeymoon hats" because it has always been one of my dreams to wear one of these big hats on the beach on my honeymoon (yes I know strange and specific dream).  

Honeymoon hats galore!
To make my dream a reality I bought myself one of these hats a few months ago, but my mom does not own one.  So she tried it on and look FABULOUS!! Like a movie star!  In fact, within a minute of having put it on a guy came up to her and asked to take her picture.   It was a little weird, but I'm convinced he either A) thought she was someone famous or B) thought she was really good looking.  She looked so glamorous in it so I had to buy it for her birthday.  I'm hoping she wears it on her cruise next month.

My movie star mom in her movie star hat!

 Speaking of classy and old-fashioned... to get up to Northern California for my trip I rode on a train (a real train) for the first time.  I LOVED my train ride!!  It was so relaxing, there was lots of room, and I felt like I was in an old Hollywood movie.  I wish I had been traveling in 1940s attire to fit the part.  Honestly I think I would prefer riding in a train to flying.  Even though it takes a quite a bit longer its a lot less of a hassle than the airport.

Above are just a few of some old-fashioned things on my trip... the train I tode and a big clock in the middle of San Fran.

Stay tuned to see pictures of my honeymoon hat.  Although I think my mom has me beat with her beautiful red and black one... pretty fun if you ask me!

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