Friday, August 19, 2011

You can't stop the beat!

Last weekend I traveled up to Northern California to see my future brother-in-law Blake in Hairspray.  Blake is definitely the talent in the family.  He can sing, act, dance; he can do it all and boy does he do it well!  The first time I saw him perform I was in awe and I remember thinking the whole time "Wow, I know that guy!"

The Coelho family... minus Josh (we all wish you were there!) Gotta love Blake's slicked hair!
More family...Ronnie and Howard... I love these two!  Thanks for the fun car ride up!
Blake goes to school at Santa Clara University and for the summer he has been in Cabrillo Stage's production of "Hairspray' in Santa Cruz.  Blake plays the dreamy Link Larkin.  If you saw the most recent Hairspray movie, that was Zac Efron's part.  Blake had it all... the slicked to the side hair, the Elvis moves and the amazing voice!  He was brilliant!  It was so nice to be with the Coelho clan and watch Blake perform.  I'm telling you this guy is going to be famous someday and I'll be able to say he's my brother! So so proud of you Blake and can't wait for all the amazingness that is to come in your future!

Check out this video below about the production he was in.  There are a few pics of Blake on stage in the video.

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