Monday, September 19, 2011

Missing Arizona

 Don't get me wrong, I LOVE where I live!  Southern California has the best weather, the best beaches, the best views; its a terrific place to live.  BUT.... I do miss Arizona and everytime I go back I am reminded about all it wonderfulness.  When I went out there for my bridal shower this was no exception; I was again reminded about how awesome Arizona is.

First of all, I miss all my friends!  A majority of them still live there and whenever I go back and we all get together again its like we're back in college when we all lived in the sorority house together.  I really really miss those days and I don't think I fully appreciated them as much as I should have.  We had it so easy; I could walk down the hall 50 feet and see 15 of my friends along the way!  Now its a HUGE deal if even 8 of us can get together in the one place.  But despite the distance we do manage to keep in touch and all get together now and then.

I love my friends!!

Check out those HOT bowling socks!
While in AZ my friends and I all went bowling together: cosmic bowling.  I am a terrible bowler and this night just reconfirmed this fact.  I have no speed on my ball, I get it in the gutter half the time and I look like a little kid who has to go to the bathroom when I bowl (I guess its the way I cross my legs, idk).  But being a bad bowler does have one perk; it makes a strike or a spare just a little bit more special!
My "I have to pee!" little kid stance.  I don't even go up to the line to throw the ball.  I'm awful!

Another thing I miss about Arizona is family.  My grandparents and my sister still live there and so does Josh's family (his sister, nieces, aunt and parents).  For the shower they all drove up from Tucson and I got to spend some time with them.  Luckily Josh's parents are moving to San Clemente, CA in October which is just 35 minutes north of Josh and I.  Josh's dad is actually here in Cali already renovating the house they'll be moving into.  Now we just gotta get Josh's aunt, his sister, brother-in-law and the nieces out here too!

Hanging out with my soon-to-be new family, Josh's Aunt Eileen, sister Paige, niece Lindsay and mom Bonnie

Ok, now you might call me crazy, but I do miss the Arizona heat.  Let me explain.  I am ALWAYS cold so the dry heat of Arizona actually feels really comfortable.  Well maybe I just like it in small doses; every now and then a little heat would be nice.  I also miss the monsoons; I love the smell of the rain and how it sounds when it downpours in the desert.  People in Southern California go crazy when it rains.  I'm not even kidding.  The other day it drizzled and it made headline news!  Seriously?  For a drizzle?  I don't even want to know what it's going to be like when it actually rains.  That is just a testament to how blessed Southern California is with its beautiful weather; people freak out when its just a bit overcast or drizzley.

After a wonderful weekend my mom and I headed back to California.  We came back with a little more stuff than we came with ;)  Thankfully my sister has some mad packing skills and we were able to get everything inside the car.  Thank you Kristina!!

My sister's amazing packing job!!

Almost packed to the ceiling

After 11 trips up and down the stairs at our condo we managed to get all the stuff inside the house!

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