Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Last Fling Before the Ring

"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" is how the saying goes so since my Bachelorette party took place in Vegas this post will be short.  Nothing to say.  Haha.

No, but in all honesty I had an amazing time and the whole weekend was perfect.  I loved traveling with my entourage of beautiful ladies I get to call my friends while I was all decked out in my veil, "Future Mrs. Coelho" sash, "Bride" cup and to top it all off, my big blue blinking ring just in case you couldn't tell I was a bride-to-be.

My Entourage and I  (I have such beautiful and amazing friends!!)

I didn't know what to expect in Vegas for my Bachelorette, but I was quite surprised by the number of random people who came up to me to congratulate me.  Some even gave me marriage advice.  And surprisingly the congrats and advice I got was pretty genuine and useful, even though I was in the middle of sin city.  One night we went to Kim Khardashian's birthday party at the Marquee and I wanted to get some marriage advice from her (well not really, I just wanted an excuse to talk to a celebrity), but its probably a good thing I didn't get any considering the state of her now failed marriage.

First Night Out

Also during the weekend we did some relaxing and a little sunbathing poolside.  Some good quality girl time!  And yes I wore my "Future Mrs. Coelho" sash to the pool.  I wore it everywhere.  I was Miss California for the day in the Miss America swimsuit competition.  I have no idea how those girls keep those sashes from falling; that's a talent in itself.
Pool Time!
A BIIIIIGG thank you to my MOH (Maid of Honor), Stephanie for hosting and organizing such a fun fun and perfect bachelorette weekend.  It was the greatest "last fling before the ring".  LOVE YOU!!  Now its time to get MARRIED!

Best MOH ever!! Love you!!

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