Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy 6 Month Anniversary!

May 6th was Josh and my 6th month wedding anniversary.  When I told this to Josh and told him we should have a mini-celebration he said "nobody celebrates their 6 month".  This coming from the guy who gave me a card and a present on our 1 month anniversary of dating.  Although we may not have celebrated we sure do have a reason now to remember our "6 month" because I happen to have to get my ring cut off on this day.  Let me explain......

Pre-ring event.  Hanging out with friends at the Padres game.

On Saturday night Josh and I went out to a Padres game with a few other Lieutenants and their wives.  I'm really ashamed about how the ring got stuck but I'm going to be truthful and fess up.  Me and one of the other wives were up at the bar getting drinks... and I had the brilliant idea that I would switch my wedding ring from my left hand to my right hand in an attempt to get a free drink (have I told you how cheap I am).  The ring was a bit tight going on, but I managed to get it on my right hand ring finger.  However, when we got back to our table (with no free drinks in hand mind you) I couldn't get the ring off.  Try as I might it wouldn't budge.  Even the bathroom attendant in the restroom couldn't get it off with all her lotions and oils.  The rest of the night I didn't touch the ring and just forgot about it.

 Swollen finger with the ring on.  Even after all that icing the swelling never went down.  Left picture is the ring with the first cut in it.

Flash forward to 4am when I wake up because my finger is in pain.  My finger was a lot more swollen than it was earlier and I was starting to get a bit worried.   I could still feel my finger so that was a promising sign.  Josh promptly googled "how to get a ring off a swollen finger" and away we went testing out the various methods.  Here's what we tried: 1) soaking the finger in ice cold water (this was the worst... i did it for probably a total of an hour)  2) elevating my hand above my heart  3) lotion/conditioner  4) dental floss  5) olive oil/vegetable oil/windex (a bunch of people swore the windex thing would work).  We tried everything and were exhausted so we decided to sleep on.

Woke up in the morning and my finger was still swollen.  No improvement.  Josh had suggested we go to the fire department so I could get it cut off.  I didn't want to resort to that yet and decided to wait it out.  So through brunch with Josh's parents and a movie after I waited it out.  During the middle of the movie I started to panic a little because I could have sworn I was losing feeling in my finger.  It had almost been 24 hrs since the ring got stuck and this was getting a little bit ridiculous.  So after the movie we headed to the fire station and knocked on their door.  They had just the tool to cut the ring and it was perfect.  I thought all my problems would be solved.  BUT... 2 cuts later and my ring still wouldn't budge and the jagged metal from the cut was now cutting into my finger.

The aftermath of 2 trips to the fire department.  Poor ring...
After 2 hours of more soaking in ice cold water and elevating my hand we decided to head back to the fire department to get more cut off.  FINALLY, after the third cut the ring came off.  My ring is now in pieces but at least I still have my finger.  Those firefighters will definitely be getting some home baked cookies from me :). 

Here's a video of the ring being cut off.  I was so nervous that they were going to have a huge saw and that I could potentially get my finger cut off.  Luckily it was tiny little tool and the whole process was really uneventful. :)

So the moral of the story is.... do NOT attempt to be single if you are married (even if you are just trying to save some money by getting a free drink).  Keep your ring where it belongs.  God was certainly teaching me a lesson and boy did I learn one.  This will definitely be a 6 month anniversary we will remember.  And in the end there was a celebration... because the ring was off :)

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