Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Should Haves, Pulleys, Gorillas and Monkeys

Josh and I have got the golfing bug.  Maybe its because we live on a golf course and always watch the golfers.  Or maybe its because of our inner "old souls" and how we'd secretly love to be retired and spend our Saturdays golfing.  But whatever is, we have taken up golf.

My dad gave Josh his old clubs and I just got my grandmother's clubs, so we are pretty much novices.  Josh did get to go golfing with my parents and my grandfather for the first time this past weekend.  He did great which did not surprise me because he naturally athletic and can pick up any sport he tries (it makes me sick sometimes).  I didn't play, but I plan to get out there soon.  The two of us my even take up a few lessons.

My Golfing Fam

 Golf is the perfect sport.  You get to be outdoors, you can socialize, you are active (well as long as you are walking the course and not using the golf cart) and the best part about it you can play into your 80s.  In fact, my grandfather and 3 of his Marine Corps buddies have a standing tee time every Saturday which they have been doing for years and years.  It is the greatest/cutest thing ever.  They have a whole set of rules and bets they have made up over the years ("Should haves", "Pulleys", "Gorillas" and "Monkeys") and after a round of golf they use those bets to decide who will buy a round of drinks afterwards.  Adorable right?  I can totally picture Josh when he's a handsome old man going out golfing with his buddies and making up the same type of rules like my grandpa and his friends.

Josh and I are going to start taking some lessons, go to the driving range and sneak out to the golf course in our backyard to practice.  The other day a golf ball hit our window and I just have a feeling I'm going to be that girl: hitting balls where they don't belong and having to yell "Fore!".  Maybe by the end of the summer I'll be able to keep the ball on the green.

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