Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Girls Weekend


Ever since graduating from college, all my girlfriends and I have for the most part all moved on to different things and different places.  So keeping in touch and getting to see each other hasn't been as easy as it was in college.  Before we all lived in a sorority house and we were all only feet away from each other; it was so easy to see each whenever we wanted.  I even remember we could talk through the walls to each other. :)  I miss those times.
Now that we all in different places we try to make a point a couple times a year to see each other.  Usually it ends up being for someone's wedding or for holidays in Phoenix (where most everyone lives or their family lives).  But last weekend we decided to get together in a completely different state and different city.  For this "girl's weekend" we all met up in Denver, Colorado.  Megan's parents have a beautiful cabin outside Denver in the mountains.  So we all headed out to Denver for what turned out to be a VERY relaxing and much needed girls weekend for all of us.

Megan's parent's cabin was so great and it was the perfect getaway.  It was up in the mountains; the air was crisp and it was quiet and so peaceful.  The only sound you could hear was the sound through the trees; I swear sometimes it sounded like the ocean.  Being at the cabin gave us all a brilliant idea.  We decided that we all need to get a second home someplace different and then we can all stay at each others' homes all around the world.   Kind of like a timeshare but it would be a "second home share".  The cabin slept all of us and there was even room for two deer friends under the deck who kept us company for the entire weekend.

 For most of the weekend we hung out in the cabin and did was girls do best: TALK!!  I forgot how much we can talk when we all get together.  Literally hours will go by and before we knew it it was 3am and we were still up talking.  Why is it that women have the gift of gab??

We also explored the small town of "______", shopped in the cute little shops, went to a local winery and walked around the parks.  I kind of fell in love with Colorado while I was there.  The weather is BEAUTIFUL, there are so many outdoor activities to do and the Colorado lifestyle is just perfect: very relaxed and all about the outdoors.  What's not to love about being able to hike, run and golf during the summer and ski during the winter.  If you ask me that's my kind of state.  Below is just a taste of all the fun we had:

Beautiful lake, cute shope and wining and Dining (from top to bottom)

One of the days we decided to be adventurous and went for a hike on "Three Sisters" which is a group of three big rocks together.  It was a very appropriately named hike for a group of sorority sisters.  We ended up climbing to the top of one of the "three sisters" which was a little hairy scary at times (especially when you have short legs and need to climb big boulders), but the view from the top was totally worth it.   


Scaling the boulders

Made it to the top!
View from the top of "Three Sisters"


The girls weekend was a success and there will most definitely be more girls weekends in the future, we'll just have to figure out what fun locations we'll meet at.

Probably my favorite picture that I took in Colorado.  It pretty much looks like God is shining down on us. :) When I was little I use to think those rays was God bringing people up to Heaven.

Love my friends!

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