Thursday, June 21, 2012

Grown Up Prom


Last weekend Josh and I went to prom... well "grown-up prom".  One of Josh's good friends, Stephanie, is part of a social society in LA called "The Spinsters'.  Its basically a sorority for women in their 20s and the only catch is that you can't be married (hence the term "spinster").  Every year they put on a big ball.  All the men wear tuxes and all the women get dressed up in their beautiful long dresses.  

Josh and I have a been to a few balls (thank you Marine Corps) and we LOVE an opportunity to get really dressed up.  I think I've said this before, but Josh and I are two old souls.  We would have loved to have grown up in the 30s, 40s or 50s when people would get really dressed up to go out to dinner.  Josh's mom told me this story of when Josh was little and it pretty much sums it up: Josh's mom told him to get dressed for dinner and Josh comes out looking very dapper in his mini kids suit.  Yes, a suit, how cute is that?!?!

The gang: From left (Mitch & Lindsay, Stephanie & Bobby, Josh and I)

 After getting all dressed up, we all headed to the ball.  The venue was absolutely gorgeous; I can't even begin to describe it but I'll try.  Ok, now imagine what Hollywood was like in the 1920s; the glam, the glitz, the class.  This is basically what it was: Old Holywood to the tee.  The venue was called "Cicada".  On a typical evening Cicada is an Italian restaurant in downtown LA but they do lots of wedding receptions and events there on the weekends.   I highly highly recommend going there for dinner just so you can experience the gloriousness of this place.  When we walked in there was a huge gorgeous chandelier in the middle, a 7 piece band that played all night, gold ceilings, orchids EVERYWHERE and lots of beautiful people in tuxes and long dresses.  I literally felt like I had stepped back in time to Old Hollywood circa 1922.

Bobby loved the orchids
 We all danced the night away and had such a fabulous time!! We already can't WAIT for the next ball; or should I say "grown up prom".  Thank you thank you thank you Stephanie for the invite!!

Probably my favorite photo of the night.  This came after I said "Show me your sexy face".
Bobby is so "Mad Men" in this shot. I love it!
After a LONG night of dancing the shoes finally came off

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