Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rain, Rain DON'T go away

There is nothing more relaxing than waking up to the sound of rain. It has been raining ALL morning (since 2am) and it is STILL coming down. Now I'm not talking sprinkling, I'm talking pouring rain. It's a cold cloudy day, I'm sitting drinking some tea on my day off and enjoying the sound of rain... life couldn't be better right now.

The one thing I don't miss about Arizona is the fact that there are no seasons. Here the leaves are changing colors and you can actually tell that it is fall. Whereas in Arizona it feels like it just goes from summer to winter and then back to summer. I really want to live somewhere where there are actual seasons and you actually have to have different clothes for different times of the year. I just bought my first raincoat and it was so exciting. Pretty soon I'll have to bust out my peacoat! Yay!

Preferably I'd like to live somewhere where it rains or snows. If you know me then this seems crazy because I HATE the cold. I'm ALWAYS cold... even in the summer. BUT, when I'm prepared for the cold I love it. It is so nice to be able to have a hot coffee or tea and sit by the fire and read a book while it is cold and blustery outside. Or go skiing on fresh, powdery snow (I can't wait for ski season). The only bad part about the snow and rain is driving in it... not so fun. So I looked up the top rainiest cities in the US and #1 was Memphis, Tennessee which receives 54.7 in of rain a year. Also ranking high were Jacksonville, FL, Atlanta, GA, New York, NY and Nashville, TN. Perhaps I should head to the south to get my much needed dose of rain :).

Below is a video I took from the deck of the rain. It's a pretty boring video but I couldn't resist because the sound of the rain is just so peaceful and calming.

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