Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tis the Season for Birthdays

These past 2 months have been full of birthdays. My mom's birthday, my dad's and Josh's birthday were all recently. So I've been busy making a lot of cakes. And to be honest I'm the biggest fan of baking cakes. Cupcakes I enjoy, but cakes kinda scare me. If you mess up a cupcake you have 23 others as back up, but if you mess up a cake there is no back up... you've ruined the entire cake.

With that said, my first attempt at a cake failed. I tried to make Giada's (of course :) ) Hazelnut Crunch Cake. It didn't seem like it would be hard considering that you use boxed cake mix. And this probably makes me look terrible because you are probably thinking, "How in the world can you ruin a box cake?" But let me explain. The recipe calls for Mascarpone Cheese (which is basically an Italian cream cheese) and for the filling and frosting of the cake you are supposed to whip the cream cheese. Well I whipped it, but then I overwhipped it and needless to say I ended up with butter... Mascarpone Butter. Sick.

The Mascarpone Butter (that was supposed to be a beautiful whipped cream consistency)

But, all was not lost. I got some store bought frosting and used that. With Josh's help and his mad decorating skills (seriously he's really good at it) we managed to save the cake and it looked pretty AND tasted yummy.

Now on to Josh's bday. Josh has a major sweet tooth, particularly for anything chocolate. So a devil's food cake with dark chocolate frosting seemed fitting. No disasters this time and everything went smoothly. I got a little carried away with the baking and stayed up till 1am and made a bunch of cookies (to take with him to work because they were having a Halloween party) after I finished with the cake. For now I think I'm done with cakes. I think I'll move on to cookies and breads, just in time for the holidays. And... my mother just bought a ridiculously large 4.5 pound bag of chocolate chips which I guess is my cue to start baking. Can't wait! :)

Celebrating with cake and presents at Josh's new apartment.

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