Tuesday, December 22, 2009

From Wildcat to Tarheel

Yes it's true, I'm going to UNC in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and I'm officially a Tarheel (but I'll always be a Wildcat first). I just finished with my first week of nursing school and boy was it overwhelming! It's an accelerated program for people who already have degrees, so I will done in 15 months and graduate in May 2011. Oy, when I say that it sounds so far away, but I know it will fly by.
Main Center of the Campus

I don't think I've ever had so much reading in my life! I feel like that's all I do; go to school and read and it's only the first week! I've already had a test and quiz. But I don't mind keeping busy, I'm used to it. And I'm gonna need to keep busy because Josh just left to Marine Corps OCS (officer candidate school) and I won't be able to talk to him at all for the next 3 weeks and I probably won't be able to see him till March when he graduates. But I'm so proud of him and we are both excited that he can finally go because he has been waiting to go for almost a year now.

But anyway, it's actually really nice to be back in school again after taking about 6 months off. I'm such a nerd and love to be in school and study. I think if I could get paid to be a student I would definitely take it up as a career :).

This picture pretty much sums up what I've always imagined an East Coast school would look like.

When I came to visit the campus in December I fell in love with it!! The campus is gorgeous!! All the buildings look like big Southern plantation homes with the big pillars (or as I like to call them Chi O houses). In fact, the Carolina Inn (which used to be the Chapel that Chapel Hill is named after) looks like it should actually be the Chi O house. Man do I wish it was because it is so beautiful!The Carolina Inn (although I think this should be a Chi House.. I sure wouldn't mind living there)

Going to school here is a lot different than going to school at UofA in many ways. #1, there are no cacti and instead you have huge trees and lots of bushes. #2, there are city buses and Chapel Hill transit buses that run through the campus (I don't know why this surprised me, but it's so much nicer than having to walk from one end of campus to the other). #3 There is the potential for school being cancelled due to inclement weather (snow and ice). I don't think there was every that possibility in Arizona. Although, in middle school I did have school canceled once because the air conditioning broke. #4 Never in Arizona would I have to walk to school in 17 degree weather! And I thought it was cold when I walked to 8am classes in 40 degree Arizona winters. Pssh, that is nothing!

Pretty tree! I love the leaves changing colors!!

It definitely is a complete change from the West Coast, but I am so looking forward to it. I've always wanted to go to school away from home and now is my chance. I don't think I'll end up living on the East Coast, but this 15 month program is the perfect way to experience it and try something new. Chapel Hill is such a cute town and the people are all so friendly. I love the Southern accent! I swear that if I stay here long enough I may start drawing out all my words like everyone does. And I love all the little homes. I'm currently living in a basement apartment of a family's home. This neighborhood is perfect and I love my place. I'll post pictures of it in a later blog.
One of the adorable homes in my neighborhood.

Ok, well I think that's it for now. I'll try to update again soon; on my study breaks or something. :)


  1. Yay Sash! Glad you are loving it! Can't wait to hear more soon! It is so beautiful! Oh, and I'm so glad Josh FINALLY started with the marines! woo! love you and talk to you soon!

  2. hope youre having a great time sasha! miss you!

  3. Looks AMAZING. Good luck with classes!