Thursday, February 11, 2010

My New Home

I've been on hiatus from my blog because I lost my camera cords in the move to North Carolina so I couldn't load any pictures on my computer. But I have them now so I can now post some pictures of my new home.

Right now I'm living in a basement apartment in a family's home in an adorable neighborhood. The apartment has a kitchen, a washer/dryer and everything I need. It came fully furnished which is exactly what I needed. And I can babysit for my landlord to lower the rent, which works out great!

I love living in Chapel Hill! And it's actually been fun living on my own for the first time. Definitely an adjustment going from a sorority house of 52 girls to just me and Beans (my cat). It's the first time I've actually had to buy groceries for myself (wow I was spoiled at Chi O with those homecooked meals). Geez I have a lot to learn, but that's just part of the fun of it all! Goal for the next few months: Sharpen up my domestic skills.

Beans enjoying the new view of my deck. He is so fascinated by squirrels!

New bedroom :)

Living room/kitchen

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  1. So cute sashie! I love it :) can't wait to see it in person!!