Sunday, December 13, 2009

The One Where I Met Anna

This blog entry is inspired by Anna and Blake and their slight obsession with Friends (hence the title)

About a month ago my parents and I drove down to Santa Clara to see Josh's brother Blake in a play. Blake, being the good Jewish boy that he is, was in a play dedicated to Catholic saints :). I think it was called "The Saint's Play". This was the first time I saw Blake act and he did awesome! Whenever I watch someone in a play that I know I always get so excited and think to myself, "Wow, I know that person!". Yes, yes I know I'm a bit odd, but it's always so neat to see someone you know in their element and completely embracing the character their playing. I'm always amazed by that.

While we were there I got to meet Blake's adorable girlfriend Anna. And the next day Josh's parents, cousins, Blake, Anna and Josh and I all met up in the city. We shopped, walked around the city, got a sundae at Ghiradelli and hung out. Josh even ate some raw fish at Fisherman's Wharf... ewww. What's funny is that I found this so gross, yet I'm the one who will eat sushi and Josh is the one who orders cooked food and refuses to even try the sushi.

Ok, so back to my "Blake and Anna blog". Josh and I recently drove down to Santa Clara to meet Anna and Blake for dinner. We ate at this cute lil' hole in the wall place that kind of looks like an old fashioned gas station called The Naglee Park Garage. It has amazing reviews online and Blake told us that it has been featured on the Food Network. The food was delicious, but my only complaint was that I was freezing the entire time (but what's new). It felt like they had the air conditioning on, but maybe that's just because it was about 30 degrees outside.

While at dinner we had this convo about Friends and then we started talking about which Friends characters we all thought they were. We all agreed Josh was like Ross, both dorky and goofy, but at the same time so cute for that. Josh is just missing a pet monkey, but I will try to work on that :). Anna thought I was 70% Rachel and 30% Monica (I think that's what she said) and Blake quickly corrected her and said, "No No No, she is definitely 70% Monica". Blake knows me too well, I am definitely much more like Monica. Out of curiosity I took a quiz online to see which Friend's character I was most like and I got Monica.

The quiz results said: You're a bit of a homebody, a bit of spaz and you've got a few obsessive habits, just like Monica Geller Bing. You're into homey-stuff like hanging with friends or chillin' with your BF/GF. You tend to be a neat-freak (in fact, you may be cleaning your monitor as you read this,) and a control-freak but it doesn't interfere with how much fun you can be... most of the time.

Just in case you are curious and want to find out which Friends you are go to this website: I know it is dorky and a total waste of time, but secretly you know you want to do it.


  1. Hehe... Yes, I'd agree that you're a Monica! I was Monica too... and NO, I can't believe I wasted time doing that, but I did... it's kind of like how I pretend not to care about celebrity gossip but somehow I get sucked into reading Us or People whenever I'm at the dentist or waiting in the checkout line at the store. I just had to do it! :)

  2. hahha sasha when i read that I was like "noooo it should be 70% monica and 30% rachel!" haha love it! I love reading your much fun! keep it going. it does make me miss you more though!