Friday, February 12, 2010


While we didn't get 30 inches of snow like D.C., we did quite a bit of snow. From what I've been told it never really snows, and when/if it does the whole town shuts down. 2 weekends ago I experienced this in Chapel Hill's version of "snowmaggedon". It snowed all Friday night and the next morning my deck was covered with snow and my car was piled high with snow. The roads were covered and kids in the neighborhood were literally sledding down the streets in the neighborhood.

It was so pretty!! But everything was shut down. I bundled up and walked to a coffee shop to study (since there was no way I was gonna try to dig my car out of the snow) but the coffee shop was closed. So I now know that feeling of being "snowed in". It's fine for a day, but any longer than that it gets old and you just want to go somewhere. The public schools here were cancelled for 3 days straight and then had late starts after that. It was a little bit excessive. My classes never got cancelled.... figures.

This is what my car looked like before I dug it out.

So on Sunday (day 2 of Snowmaggedon) I really wanted to get out of the house and attempted to drive in the snow for the first time ever. My car had so much snow on it that I had to use a broom to get it all off. But that wasn't the tricky part. Now I had to get my car going and off the snowy street. My car wasn't budging, so I tried to back it up and try again, but while backing up I ran into my landlord's mailbox. And then I couldn't move forward because of the snow, so I was stuck with my car wedged up against the mailbox. Luckily a neighbor with a shovel saw me struggling and tried to shovel my car out, but my car still wouldn't budge. So he enlisted the help of other neighbors who literally pushed my car out of the snow. Oy vey it was an ordeal! But the good news is, the mailbox is still intact and my car only suffered a few minor scratches. So I would say that my first experience driving in the snow was a success (well sort of). But next time I drive in the snow I will definitely be in an SUV.

There's nothing like waking up to a Winter Wonderland outside! :)

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  1. I like these pictures. Very pretty.