Thursday, April 7, 2011

Move In Day!

Over Spring Break I went out to California to visit Josh and to help him move into our NEW HOME!! It was so busy and I can say that after that week I have much more appreciation for my parents and how many times we've had to move. We didn't even have much stuff to move in (we had no furniture at the time) but it was still a lot! My parents drove a UHaul down from Northern California with a couch they were giving us and a lot of my stuff from home. AND.. Josh's parents brought a huge truck full of their furniture they were giving us. We were super lucky to have such generous parents!! Josh and I literally have no furniture so we would have had to start from scratch if not for them.

Bedroom with our new bed set (sorry its a little dark)

Guest Room/Den

We did have to buy a bed set and a kitchen table (both of which I am absolutely in love with). I have to say that I have always dreamed of decorating my own home. When I was younger I always told my mom "I'm going to have a Pottery Barn house someday". I used to (and still do) spend lots of time looking and wishing I could own all the things in Pottery Barn. But I have to say, the prospect of decorating and furnishing a home from scratch is a bit daunting. The designers on HGTV make it look SOO easy; like it can be done in a day. Nonetheless I am really looking forward to making the house our "home". We still have a lot to do, but I can't wait to do it all. Josh is an awesome handy man and he's already done a lot of little projects in the house.

Kitchen with new dining room table

Living room (couch courtesy of mis padres)

I have to say I'm a pretty lucky girl!! I get to move into our beautiful home in May. I'm literally counting down the days! Josh will be back from Japan in October, so I have till then to decorate it and make it a "Pottery Barn home". That's my goal at least.

Watching the golfers is Josh and I's new favorite pastime in the house. It gets especially intense when a golfer throws their club. I think I may need to take up golf and sneak out on the golf course to practice. :)

Meanwhile, if you are even in the Southern California area and want to stop by for a visit or stay for a little while the door is wide open!! I'd looove to have visitors and entertain! :)

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  1. The place looks great and Mario and I have enjoyed staying here the last few days. Love the views of the golf course when you wake up in the morning. Let me know if you ever want or need help. Would love to help in any way:)