Monday, June 13, 2011

Yum! That cake takes the cake!

Mom came to visit this past weekend so we could do a lot of wedding planning. Our schedule was packed! First we had food tastings at the Admiral Kidd Club and the next day we met with our photographer and then went cake tasting at 3 different bakeries!! Looking back on it I definitely think we should have spread those cake tastings at least over 2 days because I had a bit of a sugar coma after all that cake.

Sugar coma and all we had such a good time... what's not to love about trying cakes! However, I must admit that I'm not the biggest "sweets" fan (I think I'm more of a "salty" girl). And Josh has probably the biggest "sweet tooth" ever and cake tasting was pretty much the only part of wedding planning he wanted to have a part in. So since his "sweet tooth" could not be here to give the stamp of approval on one of the cakes I had to bring along a few people who definitely know their sweets: My mom (who is the biggest chocolate lover) and Josh's mom (who is the person Josh acquired his sweet tooth from). With their sweet expertise I knew we would pick out a cake that Josh would love.

After we had devoured the cake samples.... yum!

I had no idea cakes came in so many different flavors and with so many different fillings. Passionfruit, Victorian Wedding, White Velvet, Mexican Chocolate... you name it they had it. Surprisingly, even I could tell the "good cakes" from the "bad cakes". I think after trying so many different cakes you start to develop a taste for what a "good cake" tastes like. After trying probably 35 different cakes I think we finally found a winner!

Thank you to my taste tasters (Josh's mom on the left and Josh's aunt on the right) and a big thank you to my mom of course! :)

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  1. haha... I love this!!! The more I can learn through you, the better!!!! Miss you! Hope you are doing well and wedding planning is fun and going smoothly!