Friday, April 6, 2012

I've always wanted a brother

Don't get me wrong, I love my sister.  Growing up with a sister was fun... lots of hair pulling, lots of Barbies and lots of clothes sharing.  But, I did always want a brother.  One of the greatest things that comes along with marriage is a new family.  I love the Coelhos.  From the first day I met them they have been so loving, so welcoming and they really do treat me like their daughter.  Not only do I have amazing parents-in-law, but I also now have a brother!  Blake Coelho is my new brother-in-law and being able to call him my brother is just so great!

Brother and I dancin' it out!
Blake is a pretty amazing guy.  He's funny, talented, so fun to be around, charismatic, carefree, someone to always have a good time with, oh and did mention TALENTED!  He went to Santa Clara University on an acting scholarship.  While he was there I was able to see him in a few of the plays he was in.  It was so cool to see him up there on the stage; I remember thinking "wow I know that guy".  Now that Blake is done with school he's followed his dreams and moved to Hollywood in hopes of being discovered and becoming an actor/singer.  And I know this dream is going to come true, its just a matter of time!

Recently Blake auditioned for "The Voice" (the singing competition featuring celebrity judges Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and CeeLo).  Not to my surprise he got a call back for another audition, whoop whoop!!  He won't find out till Mid May if he's going to be on the show or not, but we are all keeping our fingers crossed.


In case you want to check out how talented Blake is for yourself you definitely need to check out a few of his youtube videos.  Here's one below from when he was in RENT and the other is when he played Snoopy for "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown".  If you like these I highly recommend you watch some of the others on youtube of him.

 As you can see Blake is gonna make is far in show business.  Josh and I wish him the best of luck and we we cannot wait to see him on the big screen someday.  And I'll be able to say "Yup, I know that guy... he's my brother" :)  Love you Blake!

With Blake after he sang up the most beautiful version of Garth Brooks' "Make You Feel My Love" at our wedding


  1. That picture of you two dancing is so sweet! And I'll agree -- brothers are great! I can't tell which is the big brother... Josh?

  2. I love that pic of Blake and I! :) Josh is the big brother. And they are so different, Blake is tall and blonde (kinda like how my sis and I are).